Digital Orthodontics

Digital dentistry is also used in the field of orthodontics.

Measuring and modeling

Before orthodontic treatment, plaster models of the upper and lower jaws were made from our patients both for archival purposes and to create a treatment plan. With digital dentistry, these models are now obtained in a virtual environment with 3D scanning. Since large metal spoons are not used, people with gag reflexes prefer 3D scanning.

Orthodontic Digital Archive 

Your intraoral records are recorded in our clinic and stored in a digital archive before your orthodontic treatment begins and after it is over. It is always possible to access your digital records even after your treatment is over.

Simulation Program

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator software lives on your orthodontist’s computer or iTero scanner. It provides a computerized approximation of your teeth’s position after Invisalign Treatment. For your orthodontist, this means being able to make modifications after thoroughly reviewing the simulated outcome. You get to see your smile from every angle before it’s even achieved.

Within this advanced software, your orthodontist has a chance to really get inside your mouth before diving into treatment. They can adjust arch positions, tailor tooth placement, and set treatment goals all from one platform. This program isn’t just used at the beginning of your treatment, but all throughout to ensure that those goals are being met. One of the coolest aspects of this tech is being able to compare past scans to new ones.

But these images aren’t just between your orthodontist and Invisalign. Patients are able to see their own simulated outcomes through email. Once the outcome has been built, your orthodontist simply needs to click a button and your information is instantly in your inbox.

NemoFAB 3D Digital Surgery

Owing to this program used in orthognathic jaw surgeries, the surgeries of the lower and upper jaws are performed in 3D in virtual environment. The results of orthognathic surgery performed in virtual environment are realized. In this way, precise measurements and treatment planning can be made on the bone, airway and soft tissue. Surgical surgery splints are prepared in 3 dimensions. NemoFAB software program is used for this purpose in our clinic.