Orthodontics with Braces

Fixed orthodontic treatments are traditional orthodontic treatments. Every individual having proper oral hygiene and ideal bone structure for orthodontic tooth movement, can have presentable teeth with this treatment. There is no age limit for the treatment.

This type of treatment consists of metal or porcelain brackets attached to the teeth and arc wires made of nickel titanium or high quality stainless steel material passing between. Metal braces used today are smaller, more comfortable and aesthetic than before. Wires are attached to braces with elastic or wire ties. The elastics can be colored or gray / transparent in color. Elastic braces, which form the basis of orthodontic treatment, are usually changed during routine checks that take place once a month.

Metal braces are the most economical choice among orthodontic treatment options and can be easily used in cases where the appearance of the patient’s braces does not pose a problem for him/her. In cases where metal braces are not preferred due to the appearance, porcelain / ceramic brackets will be an aesthetic alternative. Since they are more fragile than metal braces, they require more careful handling by patients.

At the end of active orthodontic treatment, the brackets are removed from the teeth by the orthodontist and reinforcement treatment is started.